Myfxbook AutoTrade is one of the most advanced copy trading platforms, which provides you with the chance to copy trades of the most successful traders into your connected trading platform.

As teamed up with Myfxbook Autotrade, our clients are able to access an array of successful trading strategies and copy trades directly into the FX88 MT4 trading account.

Special offer

Open Myfxbook Autotrade account now and enjoy the privilege of ECN account with a minimum required USD1,000 deposit. Please note the commission is $12USD/lot RT.

Advantages of AutoTrade:

  • Copy from only the winning traders with high-performing on real accounts
  • Fully automatic process of trading mirroring
  • Profitable signal providers are hand-picked
  • Accurate statistics and performance reports
  • Diversified portfolio of instruments with multiple strategies
  • No hidden fees – Hassle free!

Get started with AutoTrade!

  1. Open a trading account with FX88 Create an FX88 profile
    For existing client, simply login to your FX88 Back Office and request for additional ECN account.
  2. Link your FX88 trading account with Myfxbook AutoTrade
  3. Select the trades you would like to copy

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