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Join FX88 Money Manager Program

Partner with us and be assured of getting the best available products, services and technologies. We make it possible for you to focus on your strength – trading.

Why Join FX88 Money Manager Program?

  1. Manage unlimited number of accounts through MultiTerminal or MAM with comprehensive allocation methods
  2. Multiple ways to increase earning through flexible compensation structures:

    • Performance Fee
    • Subscription Fee
    • Management Fee
    • Commission
    • Markup
    • Rebates
  3. A Premium account with up to 1:300 leverage
  4. Hedging and scalping
  5. Expert Advisor friendly
  6. A comprehensive back-office to monitor earnings real-time
  7. Quickly on-board clients through an efficient online application process


FX88, a premier destination for traders with its international network of expertise. Embark your trading journey with us.

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